Sunday, September 10, 2006

Setting up

I'm typing with one hand and holding Alfie with the other - typical mum stance.

Mat is taking the rubbish out (is it trash? garbage?). He has made it clear this is not his role but as he's the only one who's read the recycle guide he's stuck with it this week. We've just moved to halifax, n.s. and the recycling is excellent - but a bit scary - there's talk of fines for the wrong thing. All the compost is put out separately. Frances down the road has just told us that if they see a banana skin in your garbage they won't empty it (is she joking? it's hard to tell).

Find of the day is the Halifax Stitch and Bitch
If I can express enough milk I'm going to try and join up. My knittings a bit elemental at the moment but I miss our London S&B already.

Nice piece here on Mat's last DJ set in London

There are some pensioners circling our recycling now - I think you can get 10c a bottle if you take it to the recycle centre. Mat's gone out to have a chat.
Everyone is so friendly, I made some new friends in the park earlier, they have a son Noah's age (2) and we're going to meet up next week. It's such a shock after being in London for so long. My sister pointed out that if you chat too long to people back home they think you have mental health problems or are trying to steal from them. Even the doctors receptionists are nice here.

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