Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Felecia!

I met Felecia last Sunday at the NSDSS meeting. She's expecting her second son this week and she knows he's got Down syndrome so she's been finding out all about it. She's got such a positive attitude so I know she'll be fine, but if you are reading this, can you send her a big lovely good luck message through the air to Nova Scotia.

Happy Mother's Day Felecia at this very special time, and good luck with your lovely boys. Here are some pictures of my two, when Alfie was just a few weeks old.


Wee Too said...

Oh Alice! You have made me cry!!! Thank you so, so, so much and I wish you the best Mother's Day ever too!! Those pictures are the sweetest!!

I keep praying I'll go into labour today but so far no show LOL. I have 6 more days left so hopefully any time now!!

I hope your move went well and I cannot wait to send you pictures of Eric when he arrives!

Love Felecia

Alice said...

ooh I spelt your name wrong and I googled it and everything! Felecia not Felicia. Oh, actually I can change it...

There, that's better.

Hey is that Eric in the picture? What a breathtaking photograph. Good luck! I'm thinking of you!

Alice x

Wee Too said...

Oh, everyone spells my name wrong because my Mom did! LOL. She liked the "e" better than the "i" that's usually in my name. This is why my two boys have easy names - Ian and Eric!

No, that's not a picture of Eric, not sure where my husband got it from, probably online somewhere. I do have lots of ultrasounds pictures but nothing like that.

Still no baby and no signs of him coming! So much for going early like all the doctors said I would LOL. I have to have an ultrasound every week at the IWK and plus my regular doctor's appointments. Hoepfully tomorrow and Thursday will be the last ones. I am so ready to meet Eric already!

Felecia :)

L. Noelle said...

It is wonderful that you have befriended someone who is about to give birth to a precious baby with DS. She will surely benefit from knowing you!

Alice said...

Felecia had her baby on her due date! Her husband emailed me the following:
"Yesterday (20 May), Felecia gave birth to our wonderful new son, Eric Tyler at 6:47 pm! He
weighed 6 lbs, 14 oz, and was 19.5 inches long! We are so proud of our little guy, and he is doing so well. It looks like his heart is strong, and he is very healthy...I hope this wonderful news finds you well!"
Congratulations Felecia!!!!!! All our thoughts are with you and your family, from Alice and Mat x

Alice said...

Someone gave me a good tip when Alfie was born and I think it's worked really well: whenever anyone says "Alfie is cute" or gives him a compliment, I give the same compliment to Noah. So often Noah will say 'Alfie is gorgeous' and I say 'you are gorgeous too'. I think it helped Noah to get a good feeling about being nice to his brother.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Felecia! Very happy that he arrived safe and sound...Catharine from Maryland

Melanie said...

Your sons are beautiful! I found your blog by accident. I also have two sons, one with Down syndrome.
Just wanted to say hi.