Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funny Weather

We have just bought the biggest bed you could possibly imagine. You could probably easily sleep eight people in it - no exaggeration, and at 3.30 am I've been 'windmilled' out of it by a 3 year old. 'Windmilling' is Noah's special sleeping style. He very sweetly comes in crawls into bed next to me or Mat, then starts to move round so his feet are on my back, then my arm, then my neck. Aghh! Now I'm totally awake!
I will give it one more night and then we'll have to start a 'Noah sleeping in his bed all night' plan again. Not sure how yet but I seem to remember we've done this before. Lots of times.

My sister has just had her book published in the UK. It's a cartoon book about climate change. It's called 'Funny Weather' and it's really very very good. The Independent had a four page spread of it yesterday but the images are not online and because I'm in Canada I can't get a copy for ages. She's so clever. I'm very proud. Climate change is the big media issue in the UK at the moment. People are finally becoming more aware that they can, and have to, do something. Even if it's only the tiniest personal changes, to help reduce emissions. (I for my part have moved to Canada and am now encouraging all my friends and family to use up huge amounts of fuel by flying here to see us. Hmmm).

I find it so easy to justify taking the car to the shops rather than walking, and flying across the world to see the friends and family I love so much, but really it's not a joke - we're living in Nova Scotia and it's only snowed once all winter, in fact people are walking around in t-shirts in January! I'm surprised that there isn't more in the press about it here - you don't expect a green Christmas in Canada, but the only article I've seen in a local newspaper said that the November heatwave we had wasn't global warming. No. Global warming is heating up the rest of the world but leaving Canada alone. The warming we're getting here is a special kind which means we can still drive our SUV's around.

Right. My new year's resolution is to only use the car on two days a week. Is that possible with two kids? Which two days? Starting tomorrow, or the next day? Well, at least it ties in with my 'lose the 30 pounds I've put on since I got pregnant with Alfie' resolution. I will try it and see.


BStrong said...

Alice - Thanks for visiting my blog. The one thing that I have found with blogging about some of my experiences with a child with DS is that they are not unique to my family. Everything that my wife and I went through with Amanda up until now has been realized by others who have a child with special needs. It's actually quite comforting to know that we are not alone in our journey.

As for the "Windmilling" thing. We've been there done that and still doing it with my son. He's getting better at staying in his bed, but that's because we are rewarding him with prizes.

I was actually enjoying the warm weather. It just started to get cold here so I need to figure out another way to destroy the ozone.

I hope you decide to return to my blog. Please feel free to link my site to yours.


Alice said...

Prizes is a good idea. I was thinking that putting him back in a cot might be another!

I've linked to your blog via the 'tulips' site. My husband has especially enjoyed reading about your experiences as a father.

As for global warming, I'm not that worried about the pleasant clement weather either - it's the hurricanes, tornados, and floods that I'm not looking forward too! Anyway, I drove to my friends today to help him jump start his car - does that count as car day? Oh those New Year Resolution dilemnas!

Anonymous said...
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