Monday, January 29, 2007

Act One, Scene One

I met with Rene Pye today to talk about setting up a theatre program for teenagers who have developmental delay. She and her partner have already put on two really great productions at her son's school and their looking to expand as there really isn't much in the way of after-school clubs or entertainment for kids with intellectual disabilities here. There are lots of models for this kind of work and the rewards for participants are amazing - developing self-confidence, breath and voice control, balance and gross motor skills, literacy, communications skills, social interaction, team work, problem solving and most importantly - having loads and loads of fun.
When I used to work for Westminster Arts we helped to set up Streetwise Opera, which has developed into a really exciting and professional arts program for homeless people in the UK - it was the dream of one person who just made it happen. Their productions have brought tears to my eyes. Other groups that are putting on professional shows with people who have disabilities include: Chickenshed Theatre, Back to Back Theatre (pictured) and Lung Ha.


jennifer said...

Terrific idea! You are an inspiration! And you are correct, all it takes is one person with vision and determination. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Great to read this - inspirational.
Faith is not so much about believing that someone or something will do it for you. More about believing you can do it yourself - with others, with or without impairments.
Good luck.
We are thinking of you all-often.

Alice said...

Here is another theatre company - Kaleidoscope - some of its members have Down Syndrome:

Anonymous said...
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