Thursday, February 15, 2007

Artists' Studio

Check out this wonderful artists' studio in Ottawa: H'art of Ottawa -
"a unique and innovative art studio where self-expression and a sense of place are encouraged and celebrated for people with developmental disabilities. Through the common language of art and self-expression, the artists of H'Art contribute to the community and the cultural life of Ottawa."

Thanks to Susan from the NSDSS for drawing this to my attention. The website's really well done; mature and respectful. Here are works by just two of the artists (I'm going to add more soon - there's so much to choose from!):

Carrie J.
"Passionate, articulate and knowledgeable about the Group of Seven, particularly Tom Thomson, Caroline is an artist whose work continues in their tradition of Canadian landscape painting. Insightful and resourceful, she contributes to the studio through her positive suggestions and enthusiastic sharing of information."

Jessie M.
"Jessie's work reflects her passion for feathered creatures. Annual trips to Prince Edward Island also inspire her finely detailed compositions."

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