Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our boys are growing up so fast!

Wow! Looking at these pictures it really strikes me how quickly Noah and Alfie are changing! Alfie couldn't really hold his head up two months ago - and now look at him! And Noah is getting ready to hit the road as a Canadian cowboy. He's been talking with a pseudo-Canadian accent all day today "I ceen't fix it" "I'll pud it in my beeg" mixed in with English "mummy"'s. He's not got it quite right yet, probably because he's learnt it from Bob the Builder (USA version), Elmo, and various 3 year olds. Bless. Alfie is eight months old next month. And Noah is three and a quarter.


Michelle said...

your boys are so cute!

jennifer said...

You have a beautiful family!

Catharine said...

The boys are adorable!!

Gracie (3 1/2) just had her IEP update - she goes to publicly funded special ed pre-school - to get in you need an Individualized Education Program. With a diagnosis of DS, very easy to get an IEP. All is well - articulation and oral motor processing issues are at the top of the list. But she is starting to use more 2 and 3 word sentences. They are recommending that she attend school this summer to maintain the skills she has learned. And we are almost potty trained during the day! Woo hoo!