Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blooming Heck: We're in hospital!

Poor little Alfie has pneumonia and influenza and we've been in hospital for the last 10 days - feels like an eternity! He's getting much better now but it was a bit dicey for a while. We've been living as if in a dream, just watching time pass on the clock but not really believing it. Day, bleep, night, bleep bleep, doctors rounds, bleep bleep bleep. This sort of thing is very hard on your heart. I need a sigh machine that can suck all my sighs out and replace them with something light and fluffy - giggles maybe.

Alfie's still on oxygen but they are finally able to reduce the amount and bless him, he's starting to sit up on his own. He's so smiley about it all - the rest of us are shattered though. His breathing was further complicated by sleep apnea, - I think his tongue is a bit big for his mouth and when he sleeps on his back it blocks his airway. Bleep bleep bleep bleep. His sats monitor is going off all the time. And I keep waking to find a room full of nurses and doctors. Bleep. With Alfie grinning at their funny masks. Bleep bleep.

And we bought a house last week too! I've only seen it once but it seemed fine and we couldn't get too worried about it with everything else that was going on. I think that was the most relaxed real estate purchase ever made. "Is it standing upright? Nice colour? OK I'm sure it will be fine".

We might be in here for another week or so, but I'm crossing my fingers it'll only be a couple of days. This hospital (IWK Children's Hospital) is great - all the staff have been exceptional - professional, friendly, on the case, interested, energetic, and kind. And talking of exceptional - my friend Susan - who has FIVE children of her own, including two who have special needs, volunteered to come and stay the night so I could have some time off!!!! How lovely is that! I am so touched. She's coming this evening for a few hours and I can't wait to get home to cook and put Noah to bed, and just chill out with Mat for a bit.

It's strange having the same light-hearted conversations over and over again ("what brought you to Canada?" "oh you've got some accent") with all the medical staff, and then bizarrely chirpy conversations with parents who are going through the most difficult times of their lives. ("how long have you been here?": "oh about three months" "have you got any other children?": "none that are alive") The contrast is too great sometimes, especially when you don't see anyone you know all day.

Alfie and Noah's Nan and Grandad are coming tomorrow! Yeh! I am so excited! Last time we saw them Alfie had nasal prongs to help him breath and was in hospital, and the time before that he was in intensive care. What bad luck that it's happened again. Well, at least things are on the up. I'll write more when we get home. Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.


Catharine said...

Oh Alice - bless you..what a time of it you have had. 10 days sounds really serious to me...but sounds like he is finally on the mend. You will come out on the other side soon and hopefully enjoy a beautiful Halifax spring!

Re the sleep apnea, we had Grace's adenoids removed (one year old) which helped a lot but the apnea came back - her tongue is same size as a typical kid but the low muscle tone doesn't help - due to huge inflammed tonsils - so in June we go to Children's in DC to get them removed. We hope that will finally do the trick. Maybe you can see an ENT (ears/nose/throat) specialist who can give you some good advice. C

jennifer said...

I am so sorry to read about the hospital stay...and I know exactly what you mean about the experience, how surreal it is, and how hard. I will keep a good thouht for you, and I hope you're already home even as I type this.

Sara said...

Oh no, I hope he is home very soon! We used to be long term stayers too, seemed we were in more than out. Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I'm sorry to hear you have had a little sick one. I hope he is doing better now.

I'm just stopping by to wish you a happy World Down Syndrome Day.


jotcr2 said...

You sound on top of it. Keep yourself well. 10 days is a hell of a long time for Alfie and your family. I hope he bounces back really quickly.