Saturday, July 07, 2007

Alfie has started to crawl forwards!!!!

Three days ago Alfie couldn't go forwards at all and now he can get right across the room. Because he has low muscle tone he isn't able to lift his tummy off the ground so, ingeniously, he has devised his own pull and shove method.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alfie!! I am so very proud of you!! That was the cutest video I have ever seen!! What a smart boy!

Felecia :)

Anonymous said...

(Remember me from home visits with Wanda?)
I was browsing around the NSDSS Website and found this link to your blog, how very wonderful that I can see updates on Alfie!!! I can hardly believe he's crawling already, I'm so excited for all of you!! He looks to be doing so well, and I'm so proud to see him crawling!!!!
Hope all is well, Take care,

Rodrigo said...
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