Sunday, July 22, 2007

Noelle's given me an award!

Blogger Reflection Award: This award should make an individual reflect upon five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and who have provided an example. In other words, five dear bloggers whom, when you reflect upon them, you are filled with a sense of pride and joy...of knowing them and being blessed by them.

I am really chuffed about this! Especially since Noelle has awarded it to me and her blog, Jaden's Journal, is just amazing. She is an extremely dynamic and positive woman who makes things happen. And not just little things. Not only has her blog made me feel excited about the future with my son (her little boy, Jaden, is just too cute for words!), it's also given me practical information on diet and supplements (based on her personal experience) and lessons in 'how not to take it lying down' - which as a new parent, who instinctively doesn't want to tread on any toes, I really appreciate.

About two months ago Noelle decided that the information given to parents-to-be when they were first told that their child had Down syndrome was unacceptable. It was biased and ignorant. And she didn't just moan about it, she made a practical plan to change the situation by law! She has set up a petition, encouraged other parents to share their stories, and now has persuaded U.S. Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA) to reintroduce the Pre-natally and Post-natally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act: "legislation which would require that families who receive a diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other condition, pre-natally or up until a year after birth, will be given up-to-date information about the nature of the condition and connection with support services and networks that could offer assistance."
Wow! So, thank you Noelle, you have been an incredible inspiration to me and I'd like to award this straight back to you. Hmmm. I don't think that's allowed though.

The next person who has really inspired me hasn't even got a blog. When Renate Lindeman found that her daughter had Down syndrome, she also took practical action and single-handedly set up the Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society! There are now over 100 members and I can't express enough how much this group has meant to me over the past year. Practical seminars, workshops for families, a resource library, friendship, and a voice. Renate is driven, dynamic and extremely intelligent. I am extremely grateful to know her and to have her speaking up for my son and other people who have Down syndrome in Canada.
Renate, if you had a blog, I'd pass this award on to you.

The third person who has inspired me is Anya Souza. She makes me hopeful for all the possibilities and amazing things that Alfie will achieve in his lifetime. And reminds me how important it is to be proud of our little one. You can find out more about her here.

I'm not doing very well at finding blogs here am I? One that I really enjoy is India Knight's blog 'Isn't she talking yet?'. As well as writing about her daughter, Nell, she brings together the stories of many different families, providing support and information for people whose children are affected by disability. But India's blog is a professional one, hosted by The Times online, so I don't think it's appropriate to pass this award on to her.

And lastly, in my rubbish list of non-blogs who I can't pass this award on to?

That would be Jodi at Reimer Reason. Her blog is extremely beautiful and I love to read about Sweet Husband and Kellen. She's been having a hard time recently but still thinks of others first. Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a poignant way Jodi.

Well, that's only one real nomination. That's quite pathetic! To be honest I can think of about six other blogs I'd love to put forward but they've already received this award. I'm obviously not a true and proper blogger but I blame cbeebies - and illegal movie downloads. If it wasn't for those pesky time-suckers I'd be able to get on the computer more than once a fortnight and I'd have loads and loads of remarkable and inspirational blogs to share with you. Really I would.

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